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Beads of Courage project

Don Mourton delivered our boxes and financial donation to the Beads of Courage headquarters in Tucson. Jean Baruch, Executive Director and Founder of Beads of Courage, accepted the donation.

The Beads of Courage project provides support for children with serious illness. Kids are given a necklace with their name spelled in beads; every time they receive another treatment or procedure, they get a new bead to add to their string. Woodturners around the country, including our club, support this effort by making boxes for the kids to store their beads.

The AVWA is proud to participate in the Beads of Courage. Don reports that everyone was very impressed with our boxes. I was told that only a small number of children receive the boxes because there are not enough available for all the participants. Jean also mentioned that our $250 donation would allow them to restock some of the beads they were running low of.

The boxes made by club members can be seen by clicking the thumbnail to the right.

If you’re looking for something to do in your shop, you don’t need to wait until our annual club challenge to make a Beads of Courage box. More beads will be available at the next meeting. Don will collect them and deliver them whenever he goes to Arizona.

(More information about the organization can be found at